Madama Venice

Madama Venice

“Venezia non può esser paragonata che a se stessa.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Madama Garden Retreat

A Garden in Cannaregio

We are in Venice, within the boundaries of Sestiere di Cannaregio, in a garden hit by the waters of the sea, that a fairy carrying the name Lagoon, keeps calm…Every sunrise, the curtains of the stage open up to a ball of gondole and boats; an elegant dance that makes itself a fairy tail in the imaginary of a curious visitor.
It’s here, within the river and a bridge without its edges that Madama Garden Retreat rises.


Madama’s interior design is inspired from a notebook filled with thoughts created whist walking with Marco Polo through the pages of the “Invisible cities” written by Italo Calvino. Each suite is a draw of colourful thoughts ordered to get along well with its neighbours.

Madama Venice
Madama Venice

Relax & Elegance

A small knoll in the uproar of a carousel of sounds and colours viewing the Venetian rio… a pier… a gate… and a wayfarer with its light bundle… Another step and we are again at Madama Garden Retreat… and now let life surprise you.

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